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Shipping & Returns

Shipping, Returns & Your Delivery

When receiving a Display Case there are certain things you need to know that will make your delivery go without a hitch.

99% of display case deliveries go smoothly & your merchandise arrives in pristine condition. Let's talk about the 1% that don't...

  1. Get involved in the delivery! If you cannot personally handle the delivery, designate a person who we will get the Shipping Number to (for Commercial Carriers this is called a Pro Number) and the Phone number for the Terminal making the delivery. This way you can have direct contact with the delivery agent.
    • If you then call the Terminal when we notify you that the order has shipped from the factory then you can be certain that someone can receive the delivery so that it goes perfectly.
  2. We suggest you engage the trucker upon delivery and uncrate the goods in the presence of the driver. If there is any visible damage, REFUSE THE SHIPMENT THEN AND THERE!
  3. Display Cases are a Custom product that are made for your specific requirements so they cannot be returned once they have been delivered in New condition.
  4. If your order is a Dock to Dock delivery it is usually very easy and just goes from the truck to your dock.
  5. If your order is a Sidewalk delivery or you have requested a Liftgate Delivery then the responsible person needs to be sure when the order is arriving so the appropriate manpower can be ready to receive the Display Cases.
  6. When the truck arrives and any of the cases have a major damage, please refuse that item and notify us at Wolf Promo Products immediately. Major damage means a gouged, cracked or scratched frame. Phone: 631-868-7273 and ask for Sales. If possible take a picture of the damage, so having a camera handy or a cell phone that takes pictures is very helpful. Email to: steven@wolfpromo.com.
    • It is extremely important to note the trucker's receipt which you will be asked to sign by the trucker with a description of any damage, even if the trucker insists it's not important.
    • If there is only broken glass, there are two possibiliites: A) The glass is part of the frame, and thus the display case should be refused. B) It is a shelf or sliding door, and that is the only damage, it's easy to replace and it's OK to accept the delivery. It is nonetheless important to note that on the delivery receipt which you sign.
  7. IMPORTANT! The policy of our freight carrier is that we have 24 hours (one business day) to to let them know if there is concealed or hidden damage. Hidden or concealed damage is when you've received your display case, and the trucker has left, and you discover a damage to your display case. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE: It is an urgent priority that you thoroughly inspect your shipment, and advise us immediately of any damage. Please once again notify us by Phone: 631-868-7273 or by email with a picture: steven@wolfpromo.com
    If it is minor we will find the best method to make a repair or file a damage claim with the carrier.
  8. A word about freight prices... Fuel prices change so rapidly with the volatile nature of gas prices, so carriers add fuel surcharges to the freight cost that can change at any time. Should the freight charge change after you have placed your order, we reserve the right to change our freight price.
  9. Pricing can change without notice. We make our very best effort to have all pricing on this website be the most current available. If it is not when you place your order, naturally we will advise you immediately before processing your order or charging your credit card.
  10. We make every effort to provide accurate shipping cost estimates, however, sometimes mistakes happen that could display an incorrect shipping cost. Should this occur, we will contact you within 2 days of placing your order to inform you of the error and provide you with the correct shipping cost. You will have the option to cancel your order or continue the processing of your order with the updated shipping cost. By placing your order you agree that there is no liability on our part for errors in shipping costs.
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